Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors

Steve Nash Tries to Avoid Paying Child Support

Although Steve Nash made the change from the Phoenix Suns to the LA Lakers we still have love for the boy however that love might be shifting after this recent story. According to court documents […]


Lil Wayne (Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)

Lil Wayne Lied About Being Banned From All NBA Events

 After Lil Wayne’s concert this past weekend when he made an announcement to “f$#@ the NBA” and claimed that they kicked him out of all NBA events because of the controversy he has with the […]


Kim and Yeezy! (Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Get Cozy At L.A. Lakers Game

My goodness! You know to be quite honest Kim is on my boo boo list right now and  really don’t care to hear anything on what she’s doing BUT now that she is with Kanye […]


(Video): Khloe Breaks Sex Swing

While trying to spice things up a little bit in their relationship, Khloe doesn’t take into effect that Lamar is like 9 ft tall and weighs over 250 lbs. Watch as Khloe takes a spill […]



Vanessa Bryant: Next ‘Basketball Wives’ Star?

[photogallerylink id=123197 align=left] Basketball Wivesmay have a new member on the show… who could potentially end up being the main lady for it. Who are we talking about? Vanessa Bryant that’s who! The VH1 show […]



Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Scores Big In Divorce

[photogallerylink id=123197 align=left] Divorce Battle Winner: Vanessa Bryant. Vanessa and Kobe Bryant have been going through a divorce… and well it looks like Vanessa is coming out on top. According to TMZ she is getting a […]


Nike x KobeSystem All Star Advert!

The other Black Mamba is in the house tonight, Kobe and Lakers playing the Suns did you see the new Nike run with Kanye?  Take a peek right now and see all the stars in […]



Kobe Bryant Vows To Keep Playing With Pain

[photogallerylink id=129683 align=left] Okay… this could be a bad thing for Laker fans. It seems as though Kobe Bryant’s injury is more than just a little pain… It seems as though the team doctor gave […]



Vanessa Bryant Takes Kobe Bryant To The Cleaners

[photogallerylink id=129683 align=left] Okay Vanessa I see you!! Kobe Bryant should have known better… I mean really look at Vanessa‘s mom. It looks as though Vanessa‘s step dad, Stephen Laine, spoke with TMZ and mentioned that […]



Kobe Bryant Trades Vanessa For Carla

[photogallerylink id=129683 align=left]In basketball news… Kobe Bryant and wifey, Vanessa, are divorcing… which means one thing.. there must be a girl on the side? Well it looks as though, Kim Kardashian’s bff, Carla DiBello, has […]