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[WATCH] Change Clothes In Public WITHOUT Getting Naked

Have you ever needed to change clothes in public, but it’s impossible! Well now there’s a way to change in public WITHOUT having to get naked in front of everyone! I have to admit even [...]


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[WATCH] DRUNK Cardinals Fan During The Game

I am probably the BIGGEST Cardinals fan!! During the game I can be the loudest fan, but there’s a line that some drunk people cross. WATCH the video above of this over the top drunk [...]


Bug-A-Boo (2)

Cause For The Paws- Bugaboo (MCACC)

Happy Halloween week! We have got a little pumpkin who needs a FUR-ever home. And in honor of the upcoming Halloween weekend, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control played a little dress-up with “Bugaboo”. He [...]


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[WATCH] The BEST Halloween Costume

This has to be the BEST Halloween costume!! WATCH the video above of the cutest little girl in her Halloween costume. I kind of want a LED costume now for this Friday…


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[WATCH] Girl Desperate to be Nicki Minaj After Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth pulled out then you know you can be a little loopy when you wake up. This girl woke up and thought she was going to be Nicki Minaj, [...]


10-26-2014 Autism Speaks Walk (89)

Autism Speaks Walk 2014!!

Live 101.5 is back at Tempe Town Lake for this year’s Autism Speaks Walk! This amazing event held over 10,000 people and raised over $1.5 Million. Live 101.5 would like to thank everyone for making [...]


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[WATCH] Chainsaw Massacre PRANK

Have you ever seen the movie Chainsaw Massacre?!?! Well this prankster decided to bring it to life! He scares people in a parking lot with a chainsaw and man who has NO limbs! It’s pretty [...]


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[WATCH] How To Launch A $360 MILLION Battle Ship

Have you ever seen a $360 MILLION battle ship take off?!?! At first when you watch it almost looks like the ship is going to tip OVER! BUT watch and see what happens!!


C4TP Bam Bam (27)

Cause For The Paws- Bam Bam (HALO)

There isn’t anything much better than a puppy;  the unconditional love; the puppy breath.  They are a lot of fun and they are a lot of work.  BUT, well worth the effort for sure! You [...]


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[WATCH] This Person FALLS OFF Pier While Taking A SELFIE

People will do anything for a good selfie. I’m not sure if this selfie was worth it, because the man FELL OFF the pier into the WATER! It’s pretty hilarious! He survived but his phone [...]



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