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[WATCH] HER Milkshake Does NOT Bring All The Boys to The Yard

This little girl loves her milkshakes and is hoping it “brings all the boys to the yard”. Welp, not on dad’s watch!! This dad smacked the milkshake so quick out of her hand when she [...]

6 hours ago

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[WATCH] NEW Six Flags Batman Ride

This new Batman ride at Six Flags Fiesta in Texas looks CRAZY!! The ride features: “beyond-90-degree drops and six 360-degree spins…world’s first 4D free-fly roller coaster” I get motion sickness just watching the video. The [...]

7 hours ago


Win An Exclusive Pair Of IMAX Forrest Gump Passes This Week!

The legendary film “Forrest Gump” is getting re-released – and better yet…it will be re-released in IMAX theaters!  This exclusive one week engagement will run from September 5th through September 11th – and Live 101.5 [...]


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[WATCH] THIS Guy Might Be More Fierce Than Beyoncé

I could use a few dance lessons from this guy. Chris Koo made a video of himself dancing to Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love”, and boy does he know how to WERK it! WATCH the video [...]


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[WATCH] How To Peel And Cut A Pineapple In 50 Seconds

Pineapples can be such a pain to cut!! I’m allergic to pineapple, but I know a lot of my friends love to it eat it. Buying a pre-cut pineapple is too expensive sometimes, so they [...]


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[WATCH] This Dad RECORDS His Daughter Taking Selfies!

Have you ever wandered what you look like taking selfies?! I know I must look pretty ridiculous when people see me making kiss faces, or duck faces at my phone. THIS dad recorded his daughter [...]



This 2 year old took the Ice Bucket Challenge and SLIPS UP !!

First off her accent makes this even more amazing but clearly this little tike had no idea how cold the water was going to be . Apparently her vocabulary is far more advanced ! I [...]


C4TP-08-26-14 Lulu & Belle (2)

Cause for the Paws – Lulu & Belle

What does 180 pounds of PURE CANINE LOVE LOOK LIKE?  Let’s just sing it….”I like big MUTTS and I can not lie…you other brothas can’t deny….” Lulu, and  Belle, are an adorable pair of LARGE [...]


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How To Find A Man Without Going On A Reality TV Show

Being single can get old pretty quick. Everyone wants that special body that they can share their special moments with. Some of us have even gone onto reality tv shows like “The Bachelor” and other [...]


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[WATCH] The Lavish Life: What A $2 Million Pool Looks Like

THIS is what $2 million will get you when you want to buy a pool!! The pool has  scuba diving, slides, and a 20 foot diving cliff! Woah. WATCH this video to see this amazing [...]



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