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Win A Gift Certificate To Donna Bella Cosmetics In Celebration Of Hot In Cleveland!

Tune into Live 101.5 with Nina Cruz this week for your chance to win a $300 Gift Certificate to Donna Bella Cosmetics this week in correlation with the return of the popular series ‘Hot In [...]

101.5–9 hours ago

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[WATCH] THIS Little Girl Does Not Mess Around When It Comes To Her Money

This little is probably the cutest thing ever!! She seems to think her parents STOLE her money and it’s the funniest thing. Apparently she is missing $28…

14 hours ago

Photo By: Pierre Andrieu/Getty Images

[WATCH] The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 OFFICIAL TRAILER

Here’s a look at the new Hunger Games movie!! Watch the trailer above!! I got chills from watching this, I’m so excited!

15 hours ago

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THIS Little Girl Likes Checking The Mail In Style

It’s always nice to receive a letter in the mail these days. THIS little girl loves to check the mail!! Everyday when she comes home from school she changes clothes and goes with her dad [...]


Photo Taken By NORBERTO DUARTE / Getty Images

[WATCH] Driver Pulls Out Into A Tornado

I’m not really sure what this person was thinking when he decided to back his car up into a tornado… The results weren’t good for this person’s car. Watch the video!!


Photo Taken By Pool / Getty Images

[WATCH] Little Boy FACE PLANTS In President Obama’s Oval Office Couch

This little boy seemed uninterested in meeting the President of The United States. He decided to take a face first plunge into the couch in the Oval Office. Watch this:


Photo Taken By Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


The iPhone 6 has finally been unveiled and let me tell you there are some MAJOR new changes!! Meet the new #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus:— James Beriker (@jberiker) September 09, 2014 There will now [...]


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[WATCH] World’s Best SLIP N SLIDE!!

This has to be the coolest Slip N Slide EVER!! I wish my backyard was big enough for this slide! With moonsoon season still going on now though I think I can hold off on [...]


Photo Taken By Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

[WATCH] What You Really Look Like Doing Crossfit

In case you thought you looked attractive while doing cross fit let me inform you that its’ not always the case. Watch this hilarious video that portrays what you actually probably look like.  


Photo Taken By Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images

[WATCH] NFL Players Read MEAN Tweets From Twitter! It’s HILARIOUS!

Celebrities are constantly getting “mean” tweets on Twitter, and most of the time they never acknowledge them. These NFL players are tough on the field, but are also human! WATCH them read these mean tweets [...]



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