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Jersey Shore Reunion … Uhhhh how about no

Sounds like one big sloppy mess that the world could live without.


Tyga seen with new girl… looks familiar…

His face in these photos tho. 😂 #whyyouscared


Skrillex lands himself in some cuffs because of his fancy pants Tesla

The headline isn’t even the most “eye-roll” part of this story either…


Flo Rida getting into some legal troubles…. possible baby boy ?

Paternity test shows that it’s his son (99.99% chance so yeah… it’s his kid)


Drake drops charges against girl who broke in and stole soda’s/water

Turns out Drake will NOT be moving forward with any charges against the 24-year-old girl who somehow got into his home.


Kim Kardashian gets the flu, loses weight from it, acknowledges that and the world freaks out

I’m not a Kardashian defender by any means… but this is just stupid.


Drake’s house broken into, only thing stolen was drinks ?

a 24-year-old woman was found inside the home wearing one of Drakes hoodies


Kate Upton nails lip sync battle to Britney Spears “Baby One More Time”

Who could ever forget that iconic outfit?? Check out the clip here.


Wait… did Ludacris just admit that his abs WERE FAKE in that music video?!

Totally possible he was having some fun with it all…. butttt it sounds like an admission to me!


It’s official.. Jennifer Garner has filed for divorce from Ben Affleck

Although there was rumors of a possible reconciliation.. turns out that’s just not the case here.


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