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Tornados, blown man hole covers, runaway boats and more! Phoenix storms sure are fun

and YES THERE WAS A TORNADO. Promise. Look!


[VIDEO] Justin Bieber accidentally runs over photographer

Justin Bieber was leaving a church and while driving away, ran over one of the photographers.


Why did Justin Bieber cancel the rest of his Purpose Tour ?

There’s been 2 reasons swirling about. One came from Justin Bieber himself… so that’s the one I’m inclined to beliebe … 😉 


Kylie Jenners wax figure is way too good

Check out the picture of them together. It’ll take you a second to figure out who’s who. 


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis make the cutest babies ever

Look how adorable their family is. 


Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones Cameo gets some hate on Twitter

I felt a little silly after realizing it was HIM singing, not gonna lie.


Jay-Z posts 4:44 video on YouTube

If you’ve held out listening to this song (because you know… Tidal) listen NOW !!


Selena Gomez teases new song ‘Fetish’ with music video clip

At least I’m pretty sure that’s what this is. It’s just as cryptic as the video for Bad Liar too.. check it out!


Blac Chyna speaks out on Rob Kardashian

Explains why she sent Rob the video, her thoughts on having a kid out of spite and more


Liam Hemsworth shows off his love for Miley … and his hot bod.

The caption on the pic with Miley… swoon! And his candid shot of muscles is so… adorable. We’ll say adorable.


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