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Darnell Dockett had a message for Raiders fans

Yesterday Darnell Dockett had a message for Raiders Fans in Oakland. Check out the tweet below!


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DRINKING GAMES For Coyotes Game Tonight

I’ll be at the Arizona Coyotes game tonight! I’ve got a game for us all to PLAY tonight! LISTEN to it below:


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[WATCH] ASU Football WINS On A Hailmary

This weekend in sports was HUGE!! LISTEN here to hear a recap: WATCH Arizona States HAIL MARY


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JD Interviews Eden XO

Last Friday we had the one and only Eden XO in the Larry H. Miller Scion Peoria with JD to answer some questions. We talked about how she got her start in her old band, and [...]


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This is what everyone should be doing in the shower!! Drink a nice cold beer while taking a nice HOT shower. It’s life changing. Here’s how to do it:  


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The Final Four Could Be HERE At Arizona State University

I love me some college basketball and I’m geeked that the Final Four Finals could possibly be in Arizona in the coming years!! The selection committee currently here to check out the area, so everyone [...]


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[WATCH] Raven’s Owner Comments On Ray Rice Incident

Steve Bisciotti, owner of the Raven’s has finally spoke on the Ray Rice incident WATCH what he has to say here: For more on what is happening in sports LISTEN here:  


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[WATCH] Baltimore Orioles FIGHTS Back After Being Punched In The Nuts

A lot went on this weekend!! From the Cardinals WINNING to the DBacks Losing The Baltimore Orioles mascot was also hit in the nuts and decided to FIGHT back!! WATCH the video: Check out the [...]


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[LISTEN] Sports Whisperer Report With JD

Here is another sports report for all my athletically challenged people out there. In case you didn’t hear the news the Giants beat the Diamondbacks in the 9th inning! Ugh! I don’t want to give [...]


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Adrian Peterson Is BANNED, NEW Lebron 12s & MORE With JD The Sports Whisperer

The Vikings BAN Adrian Peterson until his case is resolved! Also,  the new Lebron 12’s have been unveiled! You can pick up these babies up for $200. UniNation what do you think about the new [...]



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