10 Richest Singers In The World

1. Paul McCartney
1. Paul McCartney
It's no surprise that the former Beatle is one of the world's richest musicians. Even after a costly divorce, Sir Paul's net worth is estimated at $660 million. The richest Beatle chose wise legal council, and invested in song publishing rights. Being a member of The Beatles, who have sold over 170 million albums in the United States alone, doesn't hurt either. (Photo by Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images)
#2. Jay-Z
#2. Jay-Z
As of 2007, Forbes posted Jay-Z's worth at $150 million. Since then, he's sold Rocawear for $204 and made a $150 million deal with Live Nation. That's $504 million, not considering deals with Budweiser and Armadale Vodka, and proceeds from 2009-s multiplatinum "Blueprint 3″. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
#3. Madonna
#3. Madonna
Forbes has named Madonna the world's richest female musician, with a "conservative" estimate of $325 million as of 2007. The material girl reaps huge dividends from her tours, and she's had a few since '07. Her vanity label, Maverick Records, has grown into a respectable institution, netting Madonna millions. Extensive real estate holdings enhance Madonna's excessive wealth. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images For The BFI)
#4. David Bowie
#4. David Bowie
Accounts of David Bowie's wealth vary wildly. According to Business Age Magazine, he has in excess of $900 million. The Sunday Times, however, puts Bowie's wealth at $151 million. Either way, he is one of the world's richest singers. Bowie has made very shrewd investments, and made a killing selling his music rights as stock (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for DKMS)
5. Sean Combs
5. Sean Combs
Call him P, Puffy, Diddy, or Daddy: either way you slice it, Sean Combs is one of the world's richest singers. Yet most of his $346 million comes from his non-musical activities. As founder of Bad Boy Entertainment and the Sean John clothing line, Combs has made heaps of money with his business acumen. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
6. Beyonce'
6. Beyonce'
Princess of Pop and Jay-Z's Queen B Beyoncé is worth a whopping $315 million. Between her solo records and Destiny's Child, Beyoncé has sold over 100 million records. Queen B has starred in successful films like "Dream Girls", has deals with the likes of Pepsi, and broke the record for most Grammys won by a female performer in one night in 2010. At 29 years old, Beyoncé is the youngest of the world's richest singers. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)
7. Mick Jagger
7. Mick Jagger
Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger made most of his $288 million the old way, through touring, record sales and merchandising. Stones ticket prices are notoriously expensive, and their tongue logo is ubiquitous. Sir Mick has also acted in a produced a number of films, such as "Performance" and "Enigma". (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images)
8. Elton John
8. Elton John
Elton John has sold more records than The Rolling Stones, and he is only one man, so he isn't sharing the wealth with anyone. His worth is estimated at $265 million. In addition to several high profile tours, including a joint venture with Billy Joel, Elton John has written music for several films. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
9. Celine Dion
9. Celine Dion
To anyone younger than 50 with a sense of irony, Céline Dion will always and exclusively be known as the set of pipes behind the "Titanic" theme song with the inappropriately old and overweight husband. Dion, however, is one of the most successful performers in Las Vegas history. Her net worth of $250 million makes her one of the world's richest singers, and can be attributed not only to her Vegas show, but worldwide album sales in excess of 200 million. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
10. Mariah Carey
10. Mariah Carey
Having sold 160 million records, its no wonder Mariah Carey is one of the world's richest musicians. Her estimated net worth of $225 million can be attributed not only to her success as a singer, but her endorsement deals with Nescafe and, weirdly, Aeon English Language School in Japan (which leads us to wonder whether Asian is one of the many races that have gone into Carey's multifaceted ethnic make-up). (Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images)
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One Comment

  1. daerego says:

    common guyz, m.carey number 10? no………mariah has sold far more than beyonce, and celine number what? celine highest selling female pop singer of all time? go search again guyz, ur list is so wrong.

    1. keke says:

      lol rightwho ever made the website should be ashamed

  2. daerego says:

    2008 celine was number 3 out side the taking chances world tour, what abt barbera?

  3. hnfe says:

    As of 2007……..Madonna is the richest singer at the world now wih net worth-$650million.Her bigest net worth was at 1992-$900million and her secound $800million at 1882.$613million at 2000.$600million at 2005.$325 million at 2007.$500million at 2009 and $650 million for 2010

  4. migsz>>>.mc says:

    mariah carey!!!!!
    keep it up!!!!
    ur # 1 4 me!!!!! ~MC~

  5. Dawit says:

    i am surprised beyonce earn more than celine and mariah the legends of pop music.

  6. kenny says:

    get me latest gist on music industry

  7. Enzo says:

    With Celine Dion’s new 3 year contract in Las Vegas im pretty sure she sky rocketed up so much more beating Beyonce!

  8. Marjorie says:

    Where’s britney spears???!

  9. lol says:

    mariah carey has sold over 200 million albums and has the net worth of 502 million im done just correctin this

  10. Monday jackson says:

    Pro, Mj is the world richest.

  11. sud kassim says:

    good keep it up..

  12. Moffat mutambanengwe says:

    Jay Z runs the music industry

  13. Chrislegover says:

    All hail to you all Beyonce’ ilyk you very much

  14. Yash says:

    well this list is absolutely incorrect.paul Mcourtny and michael jackson stands almost equal.beatles at top with almost a billion but the share was devided in to four parts.for me its michael jackson who made over 500 million$.he owned 27000 acres ranch known as never land valley ranch and was worth of 30 million dollers.its maintenance cost was between 1 to 3.8 million dollers per month.he has the world most selling album of all time called thriller which sold more then 110 million copies up to date.according to genies world record he has the highest royalty on album sales which is 25%.he is also recognized as most successful entertainer of all time.every friend of his used to receive costly gifts.his clothes were specially designed costing over 10 million dollers a year.approximately 40 million were spent on clothing and 150 million dollers for neverland total.50000 dollers a day for living in luxurious hotels while he was in tours as he used to take one whole floor with so many rooms.almost 160 million dollers from tours.HE IS THE KING OF POP AFTER ALL.

  15. ovilly says:

    i pray one day i will reach them,even pass them

  16. ovilly says:

    am even suprise that among the richest singer no one has up a billion Euoro

  17. ovilly says:

    am even suprise that among the richest singer no one has up to a billion dollars

  18. Eazykiel says:

    I love them allll ooooo

  19. Bonnluv says:

    Oooh! omg thats a huge amount of money

  20. whoa this guy are good and well talented

  21. oyetunji temitayo says:

    What a life fortune for the successful celebrity and their family,most especially the Cater family I mean my Boss Jigga and the mother of his unborn baby Madam Beyounce…..I swear down I can wait to see JIGGA’s baby

  22. Olemes says:

    What about 50 cent the biggest share holder in cocakola canpany and my one and only girl Rihanna, what about them?

  23. qwerty says:

    Jay Z and Beyonce runs the world! hahaha. love them both.

  24. dada says:

    list are wrong..where is Britney? dah!

  25. shamar mcculluch says:

    i think the richest singer is beyonce

  26. Jim says:

    Please by all means tell me what key’s J-Z and P-diddy sing in. To call the garbage they spew forth music is an insult to all musicians. Can ether even, with proficiency, play an instrument?

  27. says:

    i love BEYONCE and JAY-Z

  28. Teddynzuwa says:

    Nice for u

  29. david says:

    Umm, the richest is lil Wayne if he wouldn’t blow all his pay in a week, but he gets it back quick, sooo….

  30. fefefe says:

    this is stu-pid….

  31. wenjieteh says:

    who then is the richest

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