Justin Bieber Paparazzi In Trouble

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Looks like Justin Bieber wasn’t kidding when he called 911 on the crazed paparazzi …they really were endangering his life. And now the city of L.A. plans on doing something to protect its celebrities from these guys.
The ringleader in the Bieber freeway chase may be the first to be punished under the new California anti-paparazzi law.
Apparently, the CHP is challenging the L.A. City Attorney to do something …their recommendation — charge them for reckless driving  and make a law that prohibits them from endangering people while trying to take photos or video.
Ummm, pretty sure they should have already had a law like this in place YEARS ago! Those photogs are crazy and don’t care about anything but getting the perfect pic …even if it is at the expense of the celebrity’s life.
Good news is, if this one photographer is indeed charged and convicted he could get a year in prison.
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