More Bad News For Phillip Phillips

American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips just can’t catch a break! First, he undergoes a major surgery for his kidney stones …and now his family’s Georgia pawn shop has been burglarized. Geez, can he live?
Some jerk(s) used a backhoe to smash open the back door of the shop last night and ended up taking over $4,000 worth of merchandise. Everything from hand guns, flat screen TVs, antique coins, necklaces and rings were took,  even the entire cash register …which thankfully only had $110 at the time.
The tool that was used to break in is a heavy piece of machinery used in construction and was hotwired and stolen from a nearby job site. Law enforcement believe the power and phone lines to the store were cut before the burglary also.
Thievery is for jerks!
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