How Big Of One Direction Fan Are You?!

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One Direction (Chris Hyde/Getty Images Entertainment)

One Direction (Chris Hyde/Getty Images Entertainment)

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Are you One Direction’s biggest fan? Tell 1015 why you are One Direction’s BIGGEST fan by entering in the comments below! We will be reading back the comments on-air so listen to hear your story!

Contest has closed! Congratulations to Stephanie! She is going to the show AND gets to meet ONE DIRECTION! SUPER SNAKE HAS ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN AT 2PM FRIDAY!

As you already know Stephanie won our 101.5 “Are you One Direction’s biggest fan” contest. The response has been out of this world. The “directioners” (die hard One Direction fans as they like to be referred to) have poured their little hearts out as to why they should win tickets and backstage passes to meet Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis this Sunday at Comerica Theatre! Check out some of our favorite comments from the contest.

dsc 1005 How Big Of One Direction Fan Are You?!

Congrats to Shelby and Stephanie for winning One Direction tickets! (Randall Tyree/KZON)

Lady La called the winner, Stephanie, and here is the call:

dsc 1021 How Big Of One Direction Fan Are You?!

Congrats to Rachel of Glendale for being winner #2 of One Direction tickets! (Randall Tyree/KZON)

Snake surprises Rachel Snow, Winner #2 of the One Direction tickets

i love one direction and they are so cute i would love to go and if i went it would be amazing. but if i dont win its all right like my cousin said once a fan always a fan

These boys have saved my life and I just want to thank them. I actually start to cry when I hear them. I get so emotional. Im actually tearing up right now. These 5 lads are the reason I wake up everyday. Theyre the reason Im alive.

Please pick me! I follow them on facebook and have all their posters on my wall in my room! Please make my dream come true!!!!!! I may not seem as crazy as these other fans, but I’m begging you to let me go!

I wake up and kiss this special poster I have of them yes I’m crazy for them If I win ima faint and cry like everyone else common who wouldnt be happy to win free passes to meet O N E D I R E C TION

Maria (REALLY?!? posted 1218 comments)
I need air! I need ONE DIRECTION….. I need THESE TICKETS! SO BAD!!!!! <3
*5 boys 4 me 3 words 2 say 1 direction*

It’s ridiculous! I could list 100 reasons. But I wont haha. THEY ARE MY LIFE!!!! I Listen To There CD’s All Day Everyday. If They Had A Cereal I Would Eat It Every Morning For Breakfast. I Have Posters and Pictures All Over My Room. The Background On My Phone And Computer Is Pictures Of Them. I Even Have A Cat Named Louis.

i would be the luckiest 1D fan + it’ll be an EARLY 16th birthday present and my 1st concert, MANY 16yr old’s want CARS i just want to SEE or MEET the GROUP that’s really Passionate about their songs and their talent and the guys that INSPIRE teens every where to be who they are because “THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL

I come from a family with 6 kids and I am the second oldest so I get the hand me downs never the first of anything. This will make my life feel like its worth a lot more than just a hand me down. One direction takes me away from all my troubles and worries. It would be so awesome if I got to meet them. I LOVE all 4 of them and there accent when they talk is just so dreamy. Its just so amazing how there singing voices change. They are just so incredible.

pls…. i cant stop thinking about one direction coming here in phoenix but i dont have any slight chance to see them, pls only u guys can make my wish come true.. im a biggest fan of one direction cuz i can offer my life for them…..

Maura Hawfield
“I am the biggest one direction fan EVER. Yes, I’m 19 years old, but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan! They have put a beautiful message in young girls heads today, that they’re beautiful, no matter what.”

Alicia T.
“Im so PROUD TO BE A DIRECTIONER! These boys will be there for you through thick and thin and its truely AMAZAYN, INCREDINIALL, EXTRODIHARRY, FABULOUIS, and will be PHENOMELIAMS.”

“I hear these two words,One Direction,and I go crazy. I taught my little brother the lyrics to all their songs ,my mom sings their songs on the car,my dad knows a lot about One Direction.”

Christina O.
“I’ve got the ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! hahaXD <3″

“I’m probably the biggest fan of one direction in a long time. From my love to carrots to pigeons named Kevin, I’m a directioner. (and if you don’t know what those are, then you should be ashamed.)”

“I am a big fan of One Direction because I can’t stop listening to their music and I am in love with them. I love Zayn because of his amazayn hair. [: The boys are all so adorable and down to Earth. Going to their concert would complete my life.”

“i am the biggest fan because im A directioner ! ive been through ALL of this with them i feel like im emotioanlly attached to them. if i won this would be my very FIRST concert! and i would just die if i got to go to their concert. I Am The BIGGEST Fan You would Ever Meet. There Just Like My Everything ! They taught Me How To Believe In Myself And that being yourdelf is what makes everybody beautiful from the inside and out.”

Izzy R

I honestly love them with alllllllll of my heart! I’ve seriously spent almost 3 days watching all their interviews/videos. I even have dreams about them(that probably sounds creepy).

“I’m THE biggest Direcioner EVER because “I wanna stay up all night and tweet 1D until i see the sun!” I literally died when the tickets sold out, so having this tickets would be the best day ever! Me and my friends have all the posters, know all the words to their songs, and we are crazy in love!”

“I am the biggest fan of One Direction because they aren’t like most boybands that are out in the music industry. Their music is different, they have this awesome sound to their music where all their songs sort of have the same guitar riff thing going on but used in differnet ways.”

“We are telling you how big of a fan we are of One Direction,
It’s become so big that the doctors are calling it an infection,
to win backstage tickets would be a dream come true,
talking one on one with the direction crew!
Liam, Zayne, Niall, Louis, and Harry…
it would be extrordinHARRY!!!!!”

We will be picking a winner this Thursday at noon.

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